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Meet the Candidates for President and Executive VP

Meet the Candidates for President and Executive VP

Candidate: Annaliese Grellmann 

Running for: President 


I am Annaliese Grellmann—a humanities major with a legal studies minor. I came to Walla Walla University as a freshman in the fall of 2018 and the following year I went as a student missionary to a children’s home in Zimbabwe.  

I’ve worked for ASWWU for the last two years in three different departments, which has given me a well-rounded view of what ASWWU is and how it functions as an organization. Currently, I am the event coordinator for ASWWU Social. This job has given me insight into the planning and coordination it takes to put on students’ favorite events, such as Barn Party and Battle of the Bands. This is my second year as a Senator, which has given me an understanding of how change is initiated, money is distributed, and the ASWWU by-laws are created and followed. I have also worked as a feature writer for The Collegian. This diverse experience gives me confidence in my ability to lead ASWWU, not because I know everything about each department, but because I know who to ask to help me learn.  

As ASWWU President, my goal is to lead a team that intentionally works to fulfill the mission statement of ASWWU: Empower the students, unify the campus, and serve the world. I believe it is my job as President to support and encourage other student leaders in their strengths as we work to create a vibrant and engaged campus community. I love the community at Walla Walla University, and it would be a privilege to be elected as your ASWWU President.  

Candidate: Taylor Smith 

Running for: President 


Hello all, I am thrilled to announce that I will be running for ASWWU President for the 2022-23 school year. Being a student here at Walla Walla University has taught me a great deal, and I have had many opportunities to grow. In my last few quarters here, I want to have the chance to reach out and make an impact on the student body. Making friends and drawing connections is what I am all about, and if I am elected president, I want to make it my goal to make everyone on campus feel like they belong and matter here. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please feel free to reach out, I would love to chat! 

Candidate: Josh Peinado 

Running for: Executive VP 

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I’m Josh, and I am in Italy right now.  

Before I took a leave to Europe, I was actively involved in ASWWU both as a member of Senate and as a part of the ASWWU Cabinet as an ASWWU head. I have worked in six different ASWWU jobs to this point in four different departments and having operated at almost every level of our student government, I have the experience and resume required for such a role as executive VP. I simultaneously have had the unique position of having been away from ASWWU for a year in a foreign country. I am the insider’s outsider–or vice versa. Whichever you prefer.  

Senate is in a particularly unique position as a body that has the ability to change rules, budgets, and culture. When I was a senator, I introduced over a dozen bills with this in mind–from the purchase of ASWWU pickle ball courts to the attempted removal of potentially discriminatory language in our student handbook.  

My hope is that senators use their abilities to be change makers on campus and channel the voices of students who may not have other venues to speak. I want to see the school made the best it can be for y’all. I hope that Senate can be a part of that experience for you, whether you are a senator or not. 

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