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Meet the Candidates for Social VP

Meet the Candidates for Social VP

Candidate: Isabela Cinco 

Running for: Social VP 


When I was growing up my parents were always getting phone calls from my teachers saying that I had been talking too much in class. Although I was a good student, I had a huge problem with talking too much in class. I was quickly labeled the social butterfly in elementary school and the name stuck all the way to high school where I was able to express my socialness in more productive ways through leadership. Hey friends! My name is Bela Cinco and I am a sophomore here at Walla Walla University. I am double majoring in Business Administration and Psychology with a concentration in Global Development. I am from Colorado, born and raised! I love skiing, watching movies, spending time with my pals, photography, and meeting new people! I am very excited to be running for ASWWU Social VP because I believe that great social events are what makes the best college experience.  

My Platform is to create: 

  1. Community 
  • Cultivate a community where everybody feels like they belong in fun ways, so that in our diversity we are not removed from each other. 
  1. Culture (constructive criticism) 
  • Create a culture where people can productively speak what is on their mind. It is my job to take feedback from students, run with it, and make future events better. 
  1. Connection 
  • My goal is to create connections among students at social events that they would not have made otherwise. 

What makes me different?  

  1. I have a diverse perspective 
  1. Experience on the ASWWU Social Team for one year and a half 
  1. Experience in AGA weekly event planning as AGA Spiritual VP  
  1. Balance 
  • For years I have had the opportunity to balance many different leadership positions at a time 
  1. My passion and genuineness to see others happy 
  • Love for building authentic relationships 

Candidate: Jack Darrow 

Running for: Social VP 


Beans. The other day I was thinking about beans. Many people love beans. And beans love people. If you look at the life cycle of a bean, it grows, just like any other vegetable. It goes through a rigorous process of growth, needing all the necessary water and nutrients to thrive and produce more beans. Beans are the unofficial 8th wonder of the world. Do not fact check that. In a way, we are a community of seeds, waiting to flourish. To thrive, people need to be sustained. It is not good enough for a bean seed to simply have just sunlight. Water, soil, sunlight, and the necessary facilities to keep the bean seed are what helps it grow. Ask yourself, do you feel watered? Do you have the right soil? Where are you getting your sunlight from? Whose garden am I in? A good ASWWU Social Vice President sees this community of bean seeds (Walla Walla University) and does what they can to grow them. I cannot vote for you. I’ve checked. But, I implore you to vote for someone that will cultivate the community. It is what the people deserve. Beans. 

Candidate: Jacob Roney 

Running for: Social VP 


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Hello Walla Walla! My name is Jacob Roney and I am running for Social Vice President for ASWWU. I attended Sunnydale Academy in Missouri and held a few different positions. One of which, was Student Body President. After high school, I went to Union College for two years. At Union, I learned a lot and enjoyed my time but ultimately wanted a change, so, I decided to upgrade to Walla Walla. At Walla Walla, I am a Business Marketing Major and am on the ASWWU Social Team, a Senator for District 6, and an Intern for Marketing and University Relations. During my summers, I work at Camp MiVoden, as the Programming Director. At camp, I plan and facilitate nightly special events and run the evening and morning worship.    

I firstly want to congratulate Hannah on a wonderful year as Social Vice and here are my plans to grow off what she has created at Walla Walla:   

Quality events over quantity. Focus on bigger events and do fewer week-night events.    

Free events: One of my goals is to make more events free for WWU students. This would come through budgeting and hopefully, local sponsorships.     

Some event ideas: ASWWU Farmers Market, this event would allow student-run businesses to show off their work; Themed trivia nights, a great team event; and the Amazing Race, like the show, this event would be a great way to experience Walla Walla!    

Although my time at WWU has been short, I have loved it so far and I feel like I understand what makes it so special: our outstanding student experience. An experience that I want to develop as Social Vice. My mix of creativity, event planning, production experience, and passion for student involvement is why you should vote Jacob for Social Vice! 

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