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Meet the Candidates for Spiritual VP

Meet the Candidates for Spiritual VP

Candidate: Megan Nunnaley 

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Running for: Spiritual VP 


When Jesus ministered, he often met the physical needs before attending to the spiritual needs, and he always met people where they were, as they were.  

As your Spiritual VP, I will strive to design a campus ministry modeled after the ministry of Jesus. This means ASWWU Spiritual would come to you, where you are. I strive to build a program focused on meeting student needs through connectivity, inclusivity, and diversity in worship. I will build a program that invites you to engage in a spiritual journey through your day-to-day passions.  

My vision for ASWWU Spiritual is to promote mental, physical, and spiritual health by meeting students’ needs following the model of Jesus’ ministry.  

Foundational Building Blocks: 

  • Continuing the use of small groups that encourage social & spiritual engagement 
  • Engage students by soliciting their ideas via polls and developing an action plan to implement the most popular and creative ideas  
  • Implement diversity in worship through themes & venues that focus on fellowship, nature, art, music, creativity, service, prayer, meditation, conversation, debate, etc. 
  • Promote inclusivity by creating a worship environment where students from all beliefs and backgrounds feel safe participating in open and honest conversation to continue their spiritual journey  
  • Develop communication channels to enable students to voice their needs and the needs of others 
  • Partner with clubs and other departments to promote and facilitate the availability of campus resources 
  • Seek opportunities to integrate spiritual elements into everyday campus life 

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the WWU student body and join youwhere you are, on your spiritual journey.  

Candidate: Parker Leclerc 

Running for: Spiritual VP 

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I felt as if my legs were going to fall off. I was willing them to push me and my bike up a hill east of Walla Walla on a cold, rainy November day. I was 50 miles into my 70-mile loop and knew that at the top, I would be rewarded with a 20-mile descent back to campus. But at this moment I was questioning why I consider riding fun.  

My name is Parker LeClerc, and I am running for Spiritual VP. I am from a place many of you have only read about in a US history class: Charleston, South Carolina. Now, I can be found working in the Tread Shed, studying at the Atlas or Library, or out on a bike ride. The story about how I ended up here is longer than my 300-word limit, so you will just have to ask me sometime. I am always down to chat.  

I feel that as a campus we have allowed our spiritual life to become a mere checking of boxes. We go to worship services and activities simply to scan a QR code to hit those mythical 16 worship credits; or simply because we have nothing else to do. The reasons could be endless, but I think a big one is that we have become too comfortable with our status quo. One of the many themes in the Bible is that any time God calls someone, it is to do something uncomfortable, challenging, and exhilarating, never comfortable.  

At the top of the hill, I busted through the clouds and was rewarded with one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. That feeling is what I want for this campus. I want us to strive for something better. I want us to dare to be uncomfortable. 

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