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How Well Do They Really Know Their Roommate?

How Well Do They Really Know Their Roommate?

ASWWU Social’s Roommate Game Show  

By: Annaliese Grellmann 

Purple lights encompassed the stage and glazed donuts filled the lobby of the FAC on the rainy evening of Nov. 11. Students gathered in the FAC auditorium to watch or participate in ASWWU Social’s game show, “How well do you know your roommate?”  

Liberty Anderson, a member of the ASWWU Social team, hosted the event. Each round, multiple pairs of roommates were seated across from each other on the stage with a small whiteboard. As a remix of the newlywed game, Anderson would ask one roommate to answer a question about the other, or the roommates would be asked a question where they had to answer between the two of them. Each roommate would write their answer on the whiteboard, then reveal it to the audience. If their answers matched, the pair got a point. The winning roommates of each round won a Walmart gift card.  

Roommates got asked questions such as: What’s something your roommate never leaves without? Who’s the better driver? Who spends more time on FaceTime and with who? 

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The evening ended with a final round that was not just roommates, but friends, who volunteered from the audience. Copious amounts of laughter came from the pairs on stage, either because their answers were wildly incorrect or because they were precisely correct.    


  1. Roommate duos face off to show their knowledge. Photo by ASWWU 
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