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ASWWU General Election Results

ASWWU General Election Results

There were 2,703 votes cast in total in ASWWU’s first fully electronic vote.  

The winner of the presidential race is Trevor Haugen. There were 701 votes cast, with 379 votes cast for Haugen and 317 votes cast for Andrew Bussell.  

The winner of the vice presidential race was Wils Haffner. There were 672 votes cast, with 660 votes cast for Haffner.  

The winner of the social vice president race was Hannah Stonas, a write-in candidate. There were 639 votes cast, with 349 votes cast for Stonas, 142 votes cast for Jack Darrow, and 144 votes cast for Brendan Sickau.  

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The winner of the spiritual vice president race was Mitchell Powers. There were 691 votes cast, with 379 votes cast for Powers and 300 votes cast for Lydia Tupper.  

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  • Thanks to everyone for your participation in the elections cycle! We had great candidates this year, which made for tough choices. Looking forward to what this newly-elected incoming team will bring to ASWWU next year!

  • Well done, everyone. The broad base of support for all the candidates points toward a strong ASWWU organization base for next year. Thank you all for investing yourselves in our campus community!

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