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The Struggle of Studying

The Struggle of Studying

Study Tips in COVID Times 

Aleksandra Talev 

Campus Opinion 

Students’ study habits and study locations on campus have been impacted by Covid-19.  

Penelope Tan, a Freshman undecided major, commented on how study spaces have been affected and the closing times of the buildings are earlier. She continued to say that it was hard to use whiteboards because they keep markers and pens locked up. 1 

Getting in groups and getting ahold of the teacher has been more difficult to achieve, stated Alexander MarronAndrade, Freshman Automotive Major. 2  

 Homework is now online versus it previously being on paper and online, “Photo from”

Tips for Successful Studying Alone 

  • To begin having more successful COVID-19 study sessions, you should make sure you are in a comfortable spot that is not distracting. You should have a designated spot in your living space to study if you are not studying elsewhere.  
  • To have less stress and better grades, it is a good idea to keep track of homework, quizzes, and tests using a planner.  
  • Have your workspace tidied so you can stay focused.  
  • While working on homework, students might find listening to music is helpful. Remember, if listening to music or podcasts and it is distracting than it should not be played until after the work is complete.  
What our new norm is. “Photo from”  

Tips for Successful Studying with Friends 

  • Studying with a friend or group of friends can help lead to different perspectives on topics in classes. It can also be helpful if you are unsure about an assignment or have any questions.  
  • Proof reading one another’s work is a clever idea. A partner may catch a mistake on a paper completed, otherwise missing. 
  • Take short breaks throughout your study time. Long study sessions without breaks can leave you feeling stuck and not performing as well. 
Having a tidy area will help focus and stress levels. “Photo from”   


Covid can make studying hard but remembering these tips can help whether working alone or in a group setting.  

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Students should know that they are not alone and that others are going through the same situation.  


1.In person interview with Penelope Tan, 11/10/20. 

2.In person interview with Alexander MarronAndrade, 11/10/20 

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