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A Platform to Inspire

A Platform to Inspire

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The Purpose of ASWWU  

By Brooklin Painter 

Note: This article and all quotes within are from an interview with Trevor Haugen on October 6, 2021. 

Trevor Haugen is leading the pack into the year as ASWWU president. ASWWU’s mantra for the year, according to Haugen, is “aspire to grow, inspire to change.” Haugen wants ASWWU to look where they can grow so they can be as efficient as possible. This means to make change through action and to show growth in the culture around us through inspiration. [1] 

Haugen announced that the theme for this year is “intentional togetherness.” His personal goal is to make intentional connections within our community. 

Connecting with the administration is how Haugen said this year’s goals are going to be accomplished for our community. Having a relationship between the students and our faculty is how changes occur. 

Haugen stated that building ASWWU and our community with the faculty is a “continual growing process” that takes time and dedication. Growing that connection and creating a bridge towards that togetherness is how ASWWU can create a better future for the student body. 

Haugen voiced that he wants to make sure the entire student body is heard and represented. He said his job is to be a supportive role that people can rely on. “ASWWU wants to give all of the students a platform to inspire. If anyone would like the opportunity, come to my office, the door is open,” affirmed Haugen. 

To create that intentional togetherness, Haugen wants to give the people who haven’t had the chance to share their voices a platform to be heard. This opportunity would not just be for students who have acted as leaders in the past, but for anyone who wants it. Haugen makes a point to “show love to every student on campus, to make sure they know they belong and are included.” 

ASWWU wants to show good representation through events. Haugen said he wants to “get people to socialize and get out, to restart ASWWU and bring it back.” Haugen referred to the past and the current ASWWU, describing the past ASWWU as “present and popular, the hype of the campus.” He said, “Bringing that [energy] back, then including a connection to the students” will create a new and better structure for ASWWU. 

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As stated by Haugen, improvements for ASWWU this year will include both religious and secular events. Haugen wants ASWWU to create a spiritual and religious environment that welcomes students, while still creating events that are inclusive of everyone regardless of religious status. This will form the communal growth that ASWWU has been working to improve.  

Haugen mentioned that he wants to use his position this year as a building block for future ASWWU presidents. By doing this, ASWWU will continue to make Walla Walla University a better place for the student body for years to come, as said by Haugen. 

Here at The Collegian, it’s our duty and privilege to inform the students of what is happening in our community. As a writer, it has become my job to make sure that the issues within our system are not ignored.  

Being a part of ASWWU, I have made it my purpose to make sure that student’s voices are not ignored. Our voices are the heart and center of the campus. I am going to make certain they are continuing to be heard because silence is not an option. 


  1. Interview with Trevor Haugen, 10/6/2021.  
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