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Food for the Mood 

Food for the Mood 

By Hannah Kissinger

Food ideas for college students!  


Budget Friendly 

We are all broke college students with student debt rising beyond what we wish it would be. Luckily, if you are looking for a quick bite to eat, there are many places to grab one. Taco Bell, Del Taco, McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Panda Express, Jimmy John’s, and many more fast-food stops are all around Walla Walla County. From my experience, the dollar menu from Taco Bell offers a variety of food items for low prices. Sometimes a simple cheesy bean and rice burrito can suffice for a quick meal.  

Food plate of a delicious meal. Photograph by Davis, Spencer (2019). Sourced from Unsplash.  

Date Nights and Friends  

Looking for a special place to dine with your significant other or a place to eat with friends? There are many places around town for fancy dining. Head to the Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen for Spanish and Italian take-out, the Brasserie Four for French cuisine, or Walla Walla Indian Cuisine with delicious Indian food. Keep in mind that fancy dining often comes with high prices. For a simple get-together, try out Taqueria Yungapeti for great Mexican food or the Ice-Burg Drive-In for American food.   

Coffee Stops  

Coffee is a much-needed boost when it comes to being a college student. The Human Bean, Dutch Bros., and Roger’s Bakery are great stops if you need a quick shot of caffeine before class, to study, or even if you are just in the mood for a cup of joe. These junctions also serve more than cups of coffee. There are plenty of energizing drinks, refreshers, teas, and smoothies as well. Additionally, there are often seasonal coffee flavors at these locations, such as caramel pumpkin for the fall. I would highly recommend this drink if you have a sweet tooth!  

Suggestions From Peers  

Are you not sure where to start and are looking for good recommendations? An Instagram poll conducted by The Collegian will tell you. Students around Walla Walla University joined in to shout out their favorite places to eat and why!  

“Tiki [Tiki Teriyaki Grill], because it’s a big serving,” said Kyrie Rabello.   

“Yamas [Yamas Greek Eatery] because the food is different from anywhere else, and the flavors are amazing,” said Joelle Townsend.   

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“Bright’s Candies and Pine Cone Creamery for desserts,” said Sara Downs.   

All quotes are in response to The Collegian’s poll from Instagram. [1] 

These are only a few of the many ideas and suggestions received from the poll, and The Collegian thanks everyone who participated! With all these options, don’t stress anymore about trying to find tasty food in Walla Walla County. Are you ready to explore?  



1. Collegian Instagram Poll (10/13/2021). 

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