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Healthcare Needs for Students

Healthcare Needs for Students

The Healthcare Needs of Students are Important!  

By Hannah Kissinger 

Healthcare is important, especially for students. Every day there are different events happening that change an individual’s healthcare needs. Over this past year, you might have asked questions like, “What are the healthcare needs of students?” or, “What types of benefits could improve the lives of students like me here at Walla Walla University?” 

We need healthcare to grow and function, especially during the school year. Many students have noticed a cold going around campus—some have had it very rough, and others less so. I have also experienced this cold and have been fighting it for nearly a week now.  

Katelyn Conrad, a freshman nursing major, answered a few questions about healthcare, giving her opinion about what she believes the students could need. “I believe the ability to get a doctor so that you are able to receive checkups is important for a student’s healthcare needs,” explained Conrad. [1]  

Conrad also shared her opinion on what she thinks the health of students currently looks like on campus. “I think that we are all not 100% because a lot of people are getting stressed while heading into midterms. Less students are sleeping, eating correctly, and are getting sick, but we can improve this factor by creating healthy habits. Right now, the University is at a low dip, but it’s getting ready to come back up,” Conrad stated. [2] 

Nutritious food to start your day. Photograph by Element5 Digital (2018). Sourced from Unsplash.   

Conrad was not the only one to comment about the healthcare needs of the students at WWU. An Instagram poll by The Collegian allowed students to share the following healthcare options they think the University should offer. 

“Orthopedic and dental coverages,” said Ben Griffin. 

“Providing mental health days for the entire school may help with seasonal depression,” said Chelsea Rachal. 

“A health or wellness counselor with at least some LGBTQIA+ training,” said The University Pride Instagram account. 

“Free, readily accessible COVID-19 tests on campus,” said Josiah Buster. 

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George Bowers working in the Science Building chemistry lab.

“We need the clinic back,” said Katherine Schwarz. 

All quotes are in response to The Collegian’s poll from Instagram. [3] 

WWU has many resources to reach students about their health needs. As Conrad mentioned, taking care of ourselves is a key factor in how our health is affected. On the official WWU website under campus health, there is contact information for emergency, abuse, crisis, and counseling health services among others like campus security. Those resources are free to contact for your benefit. 

The health needs of WWU students are excruciatingly important. You matter and your health matters. Take care of yourselves this upcoming season. An old teacher of mine put it this way, “Remember to eat leafy greens, drink lots of water, and always remember that you’re amazing.”  


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