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Low Score, High Reward 

Low Score, High Reward 

A Commentary on WWU’s Most Recent Golf Tournament 

By Jessi Vietz 

On March 28-29, the Walla Walla University golf teams competed in the Walla Walla Invitational Golf Tournament, hosted right here in the valley. It is safe to say that it was quite a successful tournament for the Wolves, with program history-making and lots of record-breaking. 

Bryson Collins, junior business major, carded the lowest 54-hole tournament score in program history “beating the previous record set by his brother, Brendan Collins, at the Coastal Collegiate Classic back in 2018.” [1] 

For any golf enthusiasts who are wondering, he carded a 2-under in the final round, finishing 5-over in the 54-hole tournament. This was not only a record for the WWU golf team but historical for the Wine Valley Golf Course as well. [2] 

Three Wolves from this year’s team made it into the top ten lowest scores in program history: Bryson Collins, Jamison Collins and Casey Shearer, with Klayson Matheson and Eli Fautheree helping to gain WWU its lowest-ever team round in program history. 

On the women’s team, Grayse Fa’asua carded the lowest-ever 36-hole tournament score in program history, breaking teammate Marisa Hagerty’s record. “In addition to Fa’asua’s 36-hole record, Hagerty tied her career-low, carding a 27-under.” [3] 

In an interview with Collins, he described the feeling of setting golf program history. “It felt pretty gratifying,” he stated. He had been playing at WWU for a few years and enjoyed seeing his hard work pay off. “The best part is beating my older brother’s previous record,” he noted. [4] 

Wolves Athletics photo of Bryson Collins, received 4/5/22.

As a junior at WWU with previous experience in multiple tournaments, Collins described himself as, “very competitive, having three older brothers and one on the team with me.” He credited his preparedness to instruction under Coach Kearby and Coach Andrew, as well as playing many rounds. 

Collins began playing golf in his early years of elementary school, following in the footsteps of his older brothers. “I did everything they did,” he recalled, “my uncle had influenced my dad to play again, then started up all of us.” [5] 

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Reflecting on this year’s golf season, Collins acknowledged that both men and women’s teams did amazing: “The girls seemed to break records every tournament, they had us guys jealous and striving to do some damage ourselves.” [6] 

As for the rest of the season, Collins said “Spring has started and has both teams looking to continue the hot streak and start placing near the top.” This last tournament was hosted by WWU at the Wine Valley Golf Club.  “It was soon realized why this is one of the top public courses in the nation,” Bryson said. There were several schools on a waiting list to play in the tournament. [7] 

Bryson would like to thank his coaches and the Wolves staff for running such a great tournament.  


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