1. What does Barry buy in order to exploit a deal for free air miles? ... taken from “Loneliness and an Abundance of Pudding.
2. The intramural where the first strategy should be to brush up on your mathematics ...taken from “Strategies To Prevail In Intramurals.”
3. You should reach out if you need any help with mental health. It is the thing to do taken from “Mental Health.”
4. The kind of food Paul made for breakfast ...taken from “The Bible Isn’t That Kind of Sword.”
5. What has a farreaching power on our wellbeing? taken from “Sports and Wellbeing.”
6. Smith’s job requires filling out the risk and safety for each trip ...taken from “ASWWU Employment.”
7. The day that social work students use the buildings on the Montana Social Work campus ...taken from “A Soft Place to Fall .“
8. One of the things to do to minimize any vaccine side effects is to apply a wet what? ...taken from “How to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine.”