1. Social and political norms can influence teaching.... taken from “Social and Political Norms”.
2. The film “Sand Castle” portrayed the frustrations of veterans at the involvement of the U.S. in.... taken from “The Role of the American Soldier”.
3. The deans are more actively making sure students are safe, including immediate .... upon abuse from a roommate. taken from “The Dean’s Perspective on LGBTQ Dorm Policies and Culture.
4. Students like Natiuk would like events with active engagement in .... discussions. taken from “Conservative and Liberal Representation on Campus”.
5. Afghan people like .... appreciated what the U.S. troops did, even though the mission is considered failed. taken from “The Role of the American Soldier”.
6. To clearly identify opinions as separate from facts, Semotiuk argues for more.... taken from “Analyzing Fact v.s. Opinion”.
7. Students on campus want speakers to have more opportunities for that they can engage in. taken from “An Invitation to Conversation”.
8. Service day focused on physical change in the community, but also gave students .... change. taken from “Service Day”.
9. According to Dr. Archer, our memories often change to fit our.... taken from “To Change One’s Mind”.
10. Social norms typically dictate how people tend to behave and function in a.... ? Taken from “Social and Political Norms”.