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Clubhouse is Stirring Conversation

Clubhouse is Stirring Conversation

A Look at What Clubhouse is and how it Impacts Society 

By Israel Gutierrez 

Clubhouse first appeared on the app store back in April 2020 at the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This app allows its users to gather into a chat room and discuss different topics with each other through audio chat. 

Users can create a personal profile and connect with other users as well. Each chatroom focuses on specific themes of conversation. For example, a chatroom could be focused on stocks, cooking, celebrity drama, or a variety of other topics. 

Clubhouse’s unique chatroom interface. Photo by Tech Crunch. 

The concept of the app is to allow users to network with other people in their field. Simon Bakhshnia, a senior strategic communication student at Walla Walla University, uses Clubhouse to listen to conversations about his passions. “I use Clubhouse to learn more about the photography industry and to get connections,” Bakhshnia said. [1] 

There have been many celebrities who have made their debuts on Clubhouse since its release. From music artists to Tesla CEO Elon Musk making an appearance, the app has easily made its way into the mainstream spotlight. 

However, there has been some drama surrounding the app. Recently, Musk appeared on the app for a discussion with Vlad Tenev, the CEO of the popular stock trading app Robinhood. 

Elon vs Vlad. Photo by New York Post. 

The conversation was regarding the situation that recently rocked Wall Street: the GameStop stock explosion. Due to so many people buying into the GameStop stock, causing it to grow over 1,700%, Robinhood took action to stop the unforeseen volume of trades taking place. [2] 

Robinhood’s reasoning for halting trade was because of “increased volatility,” but many users saw this as their attempt to save the hedge funds that traders were actively trading against. 

There was a ton of backlash against Robinhood for these actions. 

The number of users trying to sit in on the conversation exceeded Clubhouse’s limit, causing some users to stream the conversation to YouTube, allowing more people to listen in. 

People wanted the truth about the halting trade situation and Musk took a stand for the people who Wall Street took advantage of. 

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Clubhouse allows people to listen in on amazing conversations by some of the worlds smartest, richest, most creative, and all things in between people. 

Currently, Clubhouse is on an invite-only user basis. Each user is given two invites they can use to give other people access to the app. However, it will be open to everyone soon. [3] 

Because of the exclusive nature of this app and its potential to bring some of the greatest minds of our time together in one chat room, Clubhouse’s rising popularity is no surprise. 

Hopefully, in the future, there will be more and more interesting chatrooms and great conversations for all of us to enjoy. 


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