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Keepin’ Up With Kimye

Keepin’ Up With Kimye

Why Some People Care About Celebrity Relationships and Others Couldn’t Care Less 

By Israel Gutierrez 

Celebrity relationships are a constant topic in pop culture. There are plenty of reasons people care about them, as well as plenty of reasons people don’t care. 

Celebrities are an interesting concept because they are just people who have somehow gotten the attention of a lot of other people. This is usually because of a talent they have, although sometimes there are celebrities who pop up because of other reasons. For example, the “cash me outside” girl got famous for her terrible attitude displayed on an episode of Dr. Phil. [1] 

No matter how celebrities become famous, some people love keeping up with all the new, juicy details and gossip surrounding them, especially their relationships. Celebrity relationships are something that, at times, can even commandeer the spotlight of their actual talents. 

No matter where you look, news about who is dating who, the latest hot scandals, and all that jazz is a story in the headlines. If celebrity relationships weren’t such an attention-grabber, it likely wouldn’t be a popular news topic. 

Why do people seem to care so much about people they don’t even know? More specifically, why do they care so much about celebrities’ personal lives and relationships? 

One reason is a celebrity relationship’s entertainment value. People love to see celebrities caught up in drama, and relationships are full of drama when there are always so many people analyzing the situation and stirring the pot. It’s no wonder why the Kardashians have so many people keeping up with them. 

Poll Results. Photo by Israel Gutierrez. 

A poll conducted on The Collegian Instagram asked whether people care about celebrity relationships or not, and it ended up with a majority of “no” answers. However, there were a few who answered yes and gave some explanations about why they care. [2] 

One user expressed that they care because it is fun to keep up with it, and they love love. [3] Love is a beautiful thing, and it is nice to see people happy. There’s no question that sometimes drama about love can be fun to watch unfold. 

As to the majority “no” answers, however, there seemed to be a common consensus regarding this question. They don’t care because it has no impact on their own personal lives—because they don’t know these celebrities personally, there is no reason to care about their relationships. [4] 

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Celebrity relationships are none of their business, so naturally they don’t find it important to spend their time paying attention to the hottest new couples in the industry. [5] Another common answer is that caring about these relationships is just a flat-out waste of time, and it is better to focus on your own life. [6] 

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 20: Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV)

One user who answered “no” expressed that they don’t care because half the time it isn’t real and it’s all just for clout. [7] This is a valid point because there have been so many incidents where the relationship was done to grab attention; for example, Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan. [8] 

While not all the students attending Walla Walla University are Christian, one user brought up a good point that relates to Christianity. They expressed that putting so much focus on celebrities is essentially the same thing as idolizing gods. [9] As Christians, we know that worshipping idols is not something we should do, and by putting these celebrities on a pedestal, we are, in a way, worshipping them. 

Whatever you think regarding celebrities and their relationships, there is something all of us college students should be able to agree on: we don’t have the time to care. Even if you do enjoy keeping up with the latest celebrity relationship gossip, chances are you should probably be finishing that essay due at midnight. 


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