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Automated Teller Machine Installed in Sittner

Automated Teller Machine Installed in Sittner

Published March 3, 1994 

By Celeste Swanson 

An automated teller machine (ATM) was recently installed in the Sitter men’s dorm.  

The idea to have the ATM installed was considered in November. The ATM machine is SeaFirst Versateller. The college will not receive any monetary benefits for having the machine. The only reason the dorm decided to install the ATM was to fulfill the needs of the students. Men’s dean, Rick Oneal, said, “It’s neat that we’re able to fill this need for students. Anything we can do to fill the needs of students, we will try doing. This is probably the safest place in town room but Sitter Hall did. It is also quite secure, open all hours and they had the space for it.” Once they decided to put the machine in Sitter Hall, the deans discussed where to put it. They decided to put it in the little cubicle area at the front of the dorm for privacy and security.  

A WWC student takes advantage of the convenient new ATM machine in Sittner Hall.

Dean Oneal said, “Students have responded quite favorably about having the bank machine. They like it because they can get their money right here on campus.” 

Rich Tyler, senior communications major said, “I think it’s a great improvement especially since we have to ask the women out on dates it’s good to have to get money from a machine.”  

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When the cabinet of officers (made up of the president and vice president) heard about the possibility to install an ATM, they wondered where they would put the machine. They thought about putting it in the SAC, the library and the administration building but they weren’t open 24 hours a day.  

When the decision came down to the dorms, they decided Foreman Hall really didn’t have the money to do so. Doug Quast, sophomore humanities major, said “I think it’s quite handy. I find that I spend more money since the machine is so readily available except that I can’t deposit. I hate the loud beep it makes when I take out large sums of money because it draws attention to me.” Richard Riter, sophomore business major, said “Now I don’t have to go over to Key Bank every time I want some money.” 

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