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Culture Challenge

Culture Challenge

Get Outside of Your Information Bubble 

By: Jerry Hartman 

Businesses span across borders and move goods to benefit consumers all over the world. You encounter physical products that come from other cultures with ease. As you walk through a grocery store, you can easily find water from Fiji, grapes from Chili, orange juice from Brazil, bananas from Ecuador, and the list of physical products goes on and on. 

But what about digital information from other cultures? It’s easy to share, but it doesn’t seem to spread like physical products. Consider art, film, literature, media, and music. How many of you stumble onto content from other countries as often as you might with physical products? Even your social media feeds are filled with people and ideas very similar to your own specific interests and culture. Usually, you don’t come across digital content from another country unless you go looking for it. 

Take 10 minutes today and get outside of your digital culture bubble. See if you can consume some digital content from another culture alongside eating that banana from Ecuador. Find and interact with something outside of the media messages that you normally interact with. For instance, YouTube has a specific home page for many different countries. Try it! Analyze your other information channels and seek out content that will expand and challenge your view of the world. It’s there. You just have to find it. 

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