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Dear Readers

Dear Readers

One of the ways I try to establish media responsibility in my life is by setting an alarm that reminds me I need to get off TikTok. 

Haha just kidding. 

But in all seriousness, today’s issue focuses on the importance of media responsibility—something that is especially important in today’s global and political climate. 

As we highlight this week’s topic be sure to check out Eli’s article about the ins and outs of news reliability. This week we also had the opportunity to highlight our school’s very own TikTok star, Jenna Wagner – you’ve probably seen the video of her playing Coconut Mall on your “for you” page. 

Continuing the conversation, Lauren’s article also talks about the issue of privacy on social media and encourages you to think twice about what you post on your Instagram stories. 

Whether you keep up with the news or practice good posting habits on social media, I hope you guys enjoy the array of articles in this week’s issue. 

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Sending all my love, 

Samantha Wawondatu 

Head Feature Editor 

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