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Letter from the editor,

Letter from the editor,

Dear readers,

We thought it necessary at the Collegian to highlight the theme of Boundaries.   

There are plenty of areas in life where I know I could stand to establish (or re-establish) boundaries. For one, it may look like guarding time for sleep- for another it may look like establishing expectations for others in relationships.  

In our feature, we tackle boundaries in our sexual conduct and how we can handle situations where boundaries are violated. In this article, you will read firsthand accounts of students and alumni who have encountered those who violated boundaries, and the different ways in which they each handled said situation. In our news article you will find the story of Walla Walla University’s first African American professor- Donald Blake. A plethora of boundaries were set from him, telling him what he could and could not do- and you can read the courageousness of breaking down those barriers that others set in front of him. In our media column, you can read about how social media companies handle their boundaries- and an examination of what happens when you violate said rules.  

As we bring attention to boundaries, we encourage you, the reader, to examine where you might establish or break down barriers in your life. Whether it’s a boundary in a pastoral relationship or your very own personal space- I hope you are inspired by today’s issue.  


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