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Hello Beautiful People,

Hello Beautiful People,

My favorite time of the year is spring, especially in Walla Walla. There’s nothing more enjoyable then walking through campus and being overcome by the scent of lilac flowers, or walking down the street and hearing the soft hum of bees pollinating a flowering tree. 

A YouTuber I follow posted a picture on Twitter which reads, “there is so much beauty waiting to be noticed” [1]. Unfortunately, with the horrible events taking place in America, it can be hard to see the beauty through the racism that taints our social fabric.  

Notably, a great deal of racism has been directed at people from the Asian-American Pacific Islander community, and its effects are even being felt on our own campus. One student described a how “people assume I’m related to all other Asians which is annoyin cuz we don’t look alike.” Another student expressed the fear that grips him not knowing if someone he knows will be the victim of the next hate crime (see “More Than Thoughts and Prayers”).  

Perhaps the best remedy for all this hate is to see the “beauty waiting to be noticed” in each individual. 

Josh Beaudoin, 

Assistant Editor 

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