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Hello Everyone,

Hello Everyone,

These last few weeks I’ve been looking forward to being an alumni of Walla Walla University more than ever, mainly because I can’t wait to get out into the workforce. As much as I like University, I’m ready to branch out on my own and get on with my life; have a family and some sort of consistence that comes with an 8-5 job. But most of all, I’m looking forward to giving back to future students like so many of our alumni have. 

This week, we take a look at the lives and accomplishments of some of our alumni and their lasting effects on our campus. Because of them, campus is a very different place as they have played a major role in shaping campus policy and physical spaces. We also take a look at the tragic and unexpected death of Madison Baird in 2015. Many alumni will remember her and the mark her death left on campus culture. 

Over the decades The Collegian has featured many of them is stories when they were once students, and we’re excited to catch up with them.         

Josh Beaudoin, 

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