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Hello lovely people,

Hello lovely people,

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose. I’m going into my senior year and yet I haven’t a clue what field I want to go into. However, I was listening to an interview by the clinical psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson, and he described how the highest aim a person can have is to impact the world so powerfully that anywhere they go in the world, perfect strangers approach them and say how “they’re suffering is much less…because they took to heart something [you were] communicating.” [1] And because of that framework, I’ve made it my purpose to lessen people’s suffering in whatever career I pursue. We all go through suffering, and by lessening the suffering of others, it gives a purpose for our own by showing it was not in vain.  

The purpose of The Collegian is to act as a voice for the student body and to lessen the unhealthy tension on campus. We do this by sharing ideas relevant to the student body and leading the way in having tough conversations. Through this dialogue, we hope to foster a sense of community on campus where people of different ideologies can learn from each other. If you feel that an issue that we have published does not accurately represent your voice, call us out, or better yet: write a short article explaining your point of view. You can send your articles to We’d love to hear from you!  

I’m so excited to lead The Collegian this year and I can’t wait to show you what we have in store. 

Josh Beaudoin 

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[1] Prager, D. (2019, May 23). Interview: Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager at the 2019 PragerU summit
Interview: Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager at the 2019 PragerU summit 

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