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Letter from a not Editor

Letter from a not Editor


I am part of The Collegian Web Team. I’m a product design major doing web things because I took one web design class and enjoyed it. My point here is that you’ll probably end up doing something other than what you are majoring in. 

This week’s issue is about alcohol if you couldn’t tell. And since this is dead week, I hope only your soul is dying and not your liver. That was a joke. We do not condone the consumption of alcohol. Please consume this issue responsibly. 

This week we have a lovely film review from Noah Dauncey and in the religion column Dr. Cosaert talks about his experience with alcohol. Our news writers tackled the 28 fundamental beliefs and alcohol as well as WWU’s alcohol policy and its efficacy. While this issue focuses on alcohol usage on the WWU campus, alcohol on campuses is a national issue.

Working for The Collegian has been a really great opportunity. I have grown my skills in new ways and felt like I was part of a really strong team that has real drive. I started out this year with The Collegian as a graphic designer – back when it was printing like a newspaper – and now I am part of the web team. Life throws curveballs sometimes – but it’s all about how you handle them. I wish y’all the best of luck.

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