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Letter from Riggja

Letter from Riggja

By one of your friendly neighborhood web managers: Jason Riggs 

As we turn the page to the second half of the quarter and the weather is getting warmer, most of you are already looking at summer instead of schoolwork.  

This issue we are tackling the craziest bud of them all, marijuana. With so many states with different views, rules, and regulations it is hard to keep track of all the information surrounding this plant. From our school’s drug policy to the weed incarceration problem, we cover it all here in this issue. Drugs are always an issue in our society as they effect people mentally, physically, and socially. Whether the use is abusive or not, it is a topic that seems to always come up in our lives. As the university has a strict no drugs policy, it is hard to convers about this topic because it is always immediately shut down.  This issue covers all the important parts of this conversation in its most current form when it always seems to be constantly changing. As we start to look towards the end of this school year it is easy to get distracted and find any excuse not to do homework. Let us be a slightly more informative distraction and appreciate the material written by students for students like you.  

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