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Letter From the Assistant Editor

Letter From the Assistant Editor

By Josh Beaudoin 

My Friends, 

Me and my lover go way back. For the past several years we’ve been involved in a deep passionate relationship that is bursting with life. And the best part is that we’re always there for each other, although sometimes it can seem a bit one-sided.  

When I’m sad, she’s there to comfort me; when I’m happy, she makes me want to dance; and when I’m lonely, she reminds me of the beauty in the world. She always knows how to make me feel better, no matter what mood I’m in, and I attribute that to her dynamic personality. 

Unfortunately, she doesn’t occupy a physical form, but my relationship with classical music is so intimate it doesn’t need a body to be real. 

However, if I were in the mood to find a real partner, this issue of The Collegian would be just the place to start. Lauren starts us off with some advice on how to date during COVID-19, and Sienna gives us a quiz to see if we’re relationship material (I scored 98!). 

Annaliese continues the important conversation about the sexual standards at Walla Walla University in an interview with Dr. Dave Thomas and several students. 

We also talk about why some people care about celebrity relationships and others couldn’t care less, and touch on Hannah Stonas’ historic success with being the first write-in candidate to win an ASWWU election in years. 

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Regardless of your interests, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the array of articles that we have for you this week. 

See ya, 

Josh Beaudoin 

Assistant Editor  

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