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Letter from the Ben-ditor

Letter from the Ben-ditor

By Ben Griffin 

G’ day college students and community! It’s mid-spring, which means half of us can’t focus because of the beautiful weather, half of us can’t focus because we also can’t stop sneezing, and another fifth of us can’t focus because of a new and unexpected urge to recite free-verse poetry.  

This issue explores climate change, its effect on humanity, and the steps all social strata are taking to address it. Because I’m in general ecology this quarter, climate change has been on my mind more than usual (shout out to Dr. Brothers, we love your jokes about anatomy student’s selective attention). In ecology, everything seems to come down to latitude. Where you are in relation to the equator determines how much sun you receive, how much rain you receive, and what types of plants and animals can survive. We know that human activity is affecting the whole planet, forcing change in every biome at every latitude. My suggestion to readers is to change your attitude before you change your latitude.  

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The neat thing about climate is that it affects all of us. Some of us have easier access to air conditioning, clean water, and environmentally friendly foods than others, but like it or not, global warming is called global for a reason. 

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