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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Josh P.

Dear readers,  

As we complied the article for this issue, we kept in mind the theme of ‘new beginnings’— meaning that it is never too late to have a fresh perspective, attitude, or change. When looking at some of the new beginnings that have impacted our campus and world, some stood out to us in particular.  

In our feature, we tackle the poem from Amanda Gorman at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and the new beginning it can represent for our country as we move forward into a new administration. Our media writer explores the theme of new beginnings in Sound of Metal, a movie that tackles the story of a drummer who suddenly and unexpectedly loses his hearing. Whether it’s fresh starts that aren’t so fresh (see How To Come Back From A Bad Haircut) or fresh starts from the past (see The Foundation For the Men’s Dormitory to Be Laid After Board Meeting).  

As we bring attention to the fresh starts in our community, we encourage you, the reader, to have the courage to address changes that may need to be made in their life. Whether it’s a physical, mental, or spiritual change we at The Collegian are affirming new beginnings.  


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