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Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Hello Lovley Readers, 

Close your eyes and imagine you’re walking through a cave. It’s so dark you can’t even see your hand when it’s right in front of your face. You have no sense of time or space—only the rocks beneath your feet. Then, stumbling over boulders, you notice a faint glow in the distance. As you get closer, you realize you’ve discovered a stunning collection of crystals of every size and color and magnificence.  

Here at The Collegian, we try to give you that experience every time you stumble onto our website. This week in particular is a very special issue as we feature articles about Black History Month and the black experience on campus from a variety of authors, including our first guest writer of the quarter, Esther Taylor.  

There is truly a treasure trove found within this issue, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy each and every piece from our collection. 

Love y’all, 

Josh Beaudoin 

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