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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

By Josh Beaudoin 

Hello Everyone, 

I’m so excited for this issue! I have been wanting to do an issue on death since I became assistant editor last school year, so here we are.  

The topic of death has fascinated me for some time, largely because of the contradiction between its inevitability and how afraid the average person is to think of it. And I see the consequences of that all around me.  

People often orientate their lives around fear—be that the fear of getting sick and dying of COVID-19, the fear of not accomplishing anything meaningful during their flittering existence, or the fear of being in uncomfortable situations. But a life colored by fear is hardly any way to live.  

This brings to mind the issue of quality of life, and the conundrum of if it is ethical to propagate fear and decrease the quality of life of an entire population to save the lives of a few. Although, that decrease may result in some people deciding that life is no longer worth living and committing suicide. 

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Josh Beaudoin 


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