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Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Dear readers,  

As I poured over the articles featured in this week’s issue, I was reminded of the power that we as students have— whether that be running for ASWWU office (see Could you be the Next ASWWU President?), or the ability of student’s to make their voices heard (see Homophobia and the Handbook).   

Students in the senate wrote a bill calling out the student handbook for LGBTQIA+ discriminatory language, and we interviewed administration and ally groups to get their takes on the issue. In our media column, you can check out a list of podcast reccomendations- whether you’re in the market for a laugh or some education. In news, you’ll find two pieces tackling student voices on campus; one, which asks ASWWU leadership what it takes to be involved, and the other raising student concerns about potential bias in classrooms. In our Re-Issue, we see a student’s perspective on a human rights crisis that took place in Albania in 1999.  

As we tackle important issues, debates, and topics in our community and world, we hope that you, the reader, are inspired to be the change you want to see. Whether that is advocating for marginalized groups, calling out bias in your circles, running for office, or bringing attention to global issues. 


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