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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

By Josh Beaudoin

Hello Everyone, 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on being an optimist. So far, it is working. The main way I have been going about this is by looking for the good in life—little things that make a difference when compounded. A couple of days ago, Wils Hafner held the door open for me as I entered Sittner, Matthias Bernard gave me a warm greeting as we passed each other outside The Atlas, and on Sunday I saw a baby squirrel beside College Ave.  

It’s passing moments like these that bring joy to my life and remind me that no matter how bleak life might seem, God puts little events in our way to make us happy. 

I recently read an essay called “Happy, Nevertheless” about Harriet Johnson, a disabled person who lived a good life and added a lot of value to the world through her “legal work and political activism on behalf of the disabled.” [1] I found her story inspiring because she was able to look past her challenging circumstances and see the potential for good in the world. 

We should all seek out good, and when we find it, it is our duty to share it with others. Jesus said that we “are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14) 

Morain Lake offers stunning views of the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff, Alberta. Photo by Josh Beaudoin. 

Now that we are all back on campus and starting to settle into our routines, things are getting busy. But in these challenging circumstances, it is more important than ever to look for the little things in life that bring us happiness. 

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1. Singer, P. (2016). Ethics in the real world: 82 brief essays on things that matter. Princeston, NJ: Princeton University Press. 

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