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Obituary*: ASWWU Mock Wedding

Obituary*: ASWWU Mock Wedding

A Casual Review 

By Josh Beaudoin 

*This review was classified as an obituary at the request of the groom. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Collegian

The ASWWU mock wedding was a great comedy relief for my week. Walking into the wedding, I felt pretty stupid. I figured it would be entertaining, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be laughing at the actors or laughing with the audience.  

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The play turned out to be excellently put together. The ASWWU Social team did a fantastic job of creating a funny story line, the actors did a great job of acting (it was a bit amateur, but that made it even better), and the music was perfect. Probably my favorite moment of the whole event was seeing the bride walk down the aisle to the Darth Vader theme. 

Rating: 9/10  

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