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A Vacant Throne and the Inauguration of a New Chief

A Vacant Throne and the Inauguration of a New Chief

Clubs Struggle with Recruiting, and The Editor-in-Chief Resigns 

By Josh Beaudoin 

Over the past few months, many students have felt isolated as they struggle to find value through their virtual interactions. Here at The Collegian, that isolation has been acutely felt through the resignation of our editor-in-chief, Andrews Ferreira. 

For many organizations on campus, the transition from in-person events to online has been particularly challenging, with clubs being some of the hardest hit.  

Business Club usually hosts many events throughout the quarter, ranging from free MOD Pizza to Jimmy John’s in Bowers Hall. But since the coronavirus hit, it has struggled to recruit members for the club. Jonathan Terry, Business Club president and junior business major, said that “it is hard to generate enough value to become a worthwhile venture for many students on campus.” [1] 

Subsequently, Business Club’s “membership rates have been cut to a 1/3 the size of last year,” and Terry has seen this trend with the other clubs on campus as well. [2] 

At The Collegian, adding value to our staff’s experience has been a big challenge. And like Business Club, that challenge has largely been in creating connections and a sense of community between our staff members.  

Under normal circumstances, a big source of community was Collegian Night, an evening when all the web managers, layout designers, and editors met to put the publication that you all know and love together. However, we’ve been forced to adjust since COVID-19 has prevented us from meeting in person. 

For our former editor-in-chief, a lack of physical presence played a role in why he chose to leave The Collegian.  

As a citizen of Brazil, a resident of Canada, and an international student in the United States, immigration has posed a considerable threat to Ferreira’s ability to visit his family in Canada. Under normal circumstances, Ferreira would be able to cross the Canada-U.S. border with relative ease, but the added border restrictions have made it difficult to even cross back into Canada from the U.S. This resulted in him staying in the College Place area from January of 2020 until he headed home at the end of November. [3] 

Andrews Ferreira. Photo by Andrews Ferreira. 

During his time here, Ferreira masterfully guided The Collegian during a pandemic and through a national election. His adaptability, leadership, and political neutrality were key factors in his success, and he consistently made an effort to add value to his employees’ and readers’ experience.  

In his poem “If,” Rudyard Kipling writes, “If you can fill the unforgiving minute / With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, / Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.” [4] As editor-in-chief, Ferreira made every second count, and it showed in his character and the quality of his leadership. 

So, as we welcome our new editor-in-chief, Joshua Peinado, one of our main focuses will be building on Ferreira’s legacy by adding even more value, both through the content we produce and the environment we create for our employees. Peinado is bubbling with enthusiasm which is sure to shine through the content he curates. 

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Andrews will be missed, but we’re excited for what comes next. 

If you have any ideas as to how The Collegian can add value to your experience as a reader, please DM us on Instagram @aswwucollegian. We’d love to hear from you. 

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