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Emme Lighthouse

Emme Lighthouse

“Down the Stairs” 

 By Emme Lighthouse 

Into the air, 

The angry streak leaps 

With an unleashed 


As the crutches, so important,  

Thump clatter clatter  

Down the stairs. 

Down the man slides, 

Sliding down the rail, 

With bandages whipping and whistling  

To escape the attack soon coming. 

The commotion echoes throughout the house, 

Then silence descends.  

Yet the ear it fully knows, 

How the danger ebbs and flows.  

But for now, 

That startled streak of hair? 


Off on its next scare.  

But all is not well 

For the man is now found, 

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Down on the floor bare. 

What must he think? 

Gone from so high 

To so low 

In a matter of seconds. 

One small event 

That alters forever. 

His life now off-kilter 

With a bandaged foot 

And crutchesallscattered about. 

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