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The COVID-19 of the Past

The COVID-19 of the Past

“PANDEMIC” Short Film Shows How Far We’ve Come 

By Stevan Crary 

At this point, it is fair to say that nobody wants to talk about COVID-19 anymore. Since early 2020, we have heard a waterfall of reminders about its apocalyptic rule in the United States. For many, the best way to escape is by watching a delicious flick on Netflix that has nothing to do with a globe-trotting virus.  

However, the short film by D4Darious on YouTube, “PANDEMIC,” is an enjoyable quick watch before you get back to the usual yummy movie repertoire. It focuses on capturing what the pandemic felt like these last two years, making one realize how far we have come. [1]   

“I wanted to capture what it feels like experiencing this crazy Pandemic. It’s not so much about telling a story as it is about capturing a feeling. I stepped away from cause/effect relationship in storytelling in favor of a more lyrical approach,” said Darious Britt, the mastermind behind the film, “I might not remember everything that happened [in the pandemic], but I will remember how it made me feel.” [2] 

“The Regular Routine” from “PANDEMIC.” The film tries to capture the general feeling of living with a virus. Photo by 

The whole film is drenched with the familiar feeling that all have experienced at one point or another. The lovely heartwarming feelings of frustration, of work hardships, the loneliness of not seeing that particular person in your life and talking to your flat computer screen friends.  

Consequently, these emotions are divorced as soon as possible, but revisiting them can show us the progress since then. The main character is distressed by being separated from his work partner and girlfriend in the film. We are now fortunate to see people and take classes in person. Work has stabilized, and students can make a wage to support that Walla Walla price-tag.  

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Of course, many of the same realities have been persistent from the beginning, such as mask-wearing. But there has been some progress towards a more normal tomorrow. Even considering the variants, people have learned to live with this virus.  

Hold your horses and don’t get me wrong. Mentioning these progressions does not make light of the pandemic and all who are still being affected negatively. Nevertheless, watching “PANDEMIC” serves as an excellent reflective exercise in finding out how we relate to the virus and can move forward. Maybe, you will see that the Pandemic isn’t as real as it was a year ago.  


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