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A Student Profile of Jacob Mayes

A Student Profile of Jacob Mayes

By Claira Eastwood 

Jacob Mayes, junior double major in graphic design and music performance, grew up being part of choirs and musicals. In high school, he sang solos, accompanied and conducted, and acted in musicals. All of these experiences led him to and prepared him for success as a music major at Walla Walla University. Since he grew up so interested in music, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he was drawn to the music department at WWU.  

Unlike many music students at WWU, however, Mayes didn’t know much about the department before he became a student here. He knew about ICantori, the select choir, but that was about it. While in high school, it was his dream to be part of ICantori, and he auditioned his first year here. He got in, and it, as he said, “was a quick road to becoming a music major from there.”  

From mini tours with ICantori to voice recitals for his major, Mayes keeps busy in the music department. Even though college life is stressful, he says both Dr. Scott, the director of both choirs, and Dr. Janis, the head of vocal studies, have supported him and pushed him to be an even better musician.  

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Even for those who aren’t currently involved in the music department, Mayes believes there’s still something to gain: “I think everyone should know how open and accepting the music department is. No matter your background or whether or not you’re a music major, if you can play and instrument or sing we’d be lucky to have you.”  

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