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Basketball Intramurals

Basketball Intramurals

What You Should Know 

Owen Hoffman 

Hoopers have plenty to look forward to this week as the basketball intramural season is underway.  

Walla Walla University’s intramural season includes a men’s and a women’s league, offering anyone the opportunity to make new friends or settle old rivalries. 

Students have until Friday to sign as a free agent and get on a team. The games will take place at Windemuth court in the WEC. Athletics and intramural director Paul Starkebaum is hopeful about the upcoming season and looks forward to watching students compete. “Watching the games is the best part. It is fun to see our students compete and enjoy the experience,” he said. [1] 

Students do not need a team to play. Students can sign as free agents for any team sport where they can then be recruited by teams. Alternatively, any player can create a team providing they have enough players willing to join. If a team cannot play due to a lack of players or any other reason, there is a forfeiture fee of $25.  

To sign as a free agent, go to to create an account. Register under WWU and from there you will be able to view the active intramural seasons. Players can then view their team schedule, game times, records, and individual stats. There is a $25 fee for registration, but in return players receive jerseys. 

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Players should also be aware of existing COVID-19 protocols. “Only active participants and our officials are allowed to be without a mask. Food and drinks are not allowed in the gym,” said Starkebaum. “Things are trending in the right direction, and I am optimistic we can continue to play basketball the rest of this quarter.” Fees for forfeiture do not apply for COVID-19 related cancellations. If there is an issue with an individual and COVID-19 policies, there will be one warning, afterwards the individual will be removed from intramurals. [2] 

If players respect each other and the game, they should expect nothing but a good season. “We want to create an experience where people are enjoying competing,” said Starkebaum, “Anything that interferes with that I don’t enjoy.” [3] 


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