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Brooke Davey

Brooke Davey

Wearing Multiple Hats 

By Esther Taylor 

When it comes to her job as the collection management and archives manager, Brooke Davey wears multiple hats. Even though these jobs might sound similar, they’re very different. 

Davey attended Walla Walla University and has a degree in English and at a very young age, she became acquainted with libraries. When she was younger, the internet was not as prevalent during her time in college as it is today. Also, library resources were very limited during this time due to the lack of internet. While Davey attended WWU, she worked in Technical Services.  

Now, working in collection management, it’s a role Davey has that helps the Peterson Memorial Library to function. Collection management is centered around public service. Public service is the vehicle that allows books and resources to be accessible at the library.  

According to the State Library of Iowa website, “Building a collection involves a studies approach to the selection, maintenance, development, and evaluation of the library’s materials. Equally important is the library’s stance on intellectual freedom and the policy position it takes when library materials are challenged.” 

For her other job as the archives manager, she organizes and collects information for the university archive. When she first began working at PML an archive position was nonexistent. In organizing the archive, it makes it easier for the public to have access to it. Also, past events at WWU have been preserved in the archive.  

According to the WWU website, “The primary objective of the archives is to identify, appraise, organize, preserve, and make available for research records of administrative and historical value to the Walla Walla University community.” 

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Another aspect of Davey’s job as archives manager is preserving The Collegian newspapers and Mountain Ash yearbooks. What that entails is that they’re scanned in order for future students to access them. In Davey’s words, “Digital is for access, paper is for preservation.” In other words, preserving The Collegian and Mountain Ash digitally makes it easier for people to have access to them. Also, according to Davey, almost every issue of The Collegian has been digitized and scanned. Talk about hard work! 

Adding to that, currently the Mountain Ash is being digitized! In terms of preserving the history of WWU, and besides the scanning and digitizing of The Collegian and Mountain Ash, past program handouts, meeting agendas, amongst other important material has been scanned and digitized. 

Due to the continual growth of technology, the archives job has grown. Departments on the WWU campus contact Davey about her archives job and in the position she’s in, she’s busy a lot. Thankfully, her collection management job remains steady, in terms of business. 

With wearing multiple hats for both jobs Davey has, and what she’s accomplished in preserving the documents and memories of WWU, this reiterates how hardworking she is when it comes to maintaining the legacy of WWU. Thanks to her and the work of other people working alongside her, past WWU students are able to look back on the memories they created. 

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