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Change After Change

Change After Change

By Esther Taylor 

The Peterson Memorial Library on the Walla Walla University campus continues to experience “change after change” due to the ongoing pandemic. Currently, there are two reservable rooms at the library: the Eagle Cap Conference Room and the Collaboration Conference Room. Also, to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, the library is allowing students to use study spaces with open air, which helps improve ventilation.  

With PML having to continually adjust to the pandemic, a multitude of challenges have been at the forefront. In talking about some of the challenges the library has experienced, Andra Winslow, the public service and resource sharing manager at the library, said, “Keeping services running while ensuring the safety of both our customers and employees.” [1] In general, as the pandemic continues to unfold, the health and safety of ourselves and those around us is important in helping to combat the pandemic and the unraveling of its new variants. 

The student workers at PML have made Winslow’s job easier in having to work during the pandemic. In expressing her gratitude for them, Winslow said, “I have had, all caps, amazing student employees throughout the pandemic.” Truly, indeed, teamwork makes the dream work! [2] 

Even with the ever-changing rules and protocols the library currently has in place, they have truly made progress from how they were operating a year ago due to the pandemic. In an article written by T. Brooke Sample that was posted on the WWU website in January of 2021, Sample talked about how the library was operating at the time. In explaining the extra precautions the library took, Sample said, “To access the library, students must show a valid WWU ID, their daily health pass, and a library reservation confirmation.” [3] 

Currently, students can study in the lobby and use a few of the study rooms mentioned previously at the library. Even though some of the library functions are slowly going back to normal, the student workers, faculty, and staff that work there are still taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. On the Ask WWU Libraries section of the WWU website, it talks about how resources at the library can be accessed during the pandemic. According to Christy Scott, the education services librarian, “Students can also schedule an appointment on Teams or in Peterson Memorial Library to speak with one of our librarians.” [4] 

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Despite the constant change of library protocols, PML has done and will continue to do everything in their power to protect the health of the students, faculty, and staff who use the library. 


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