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Designers of Tomorrow (and Donuts Today)

Designers of Tomorrow (and Donuts Today)

Annual Portfolio Review Design Show Set to Impress with Art and Donuts 

By Alix Harris 

The final portfolio review is a rite of passage for design majors on this campus. Each year, on the path to graduation, senior graphic and product design majors spend a quarter in portfolio design class. They work extensively on editing, revising, and paring down the body of work they have accumulated over their college career and forming it into a final portfolio to demonstrate their capabilities to potential employers. Each designer develops a personal brand complete with a logo, business card, and portfolio website where their work can be viewed. At the end of the quarter, this work is put on display in a capstone event to be viewed by colleagues, professors, and the campus community at large—as well as by members of the business community invited by the department of technology.  

Next week on Dec. 8 from 2-4 p.m., senior graphic and product design majors will present their final portfolio work during an open house in the FAC art gallery. Donuts from Rogers Bakery and drip coffee from the Atlas will be served.  

The portfolio class and its culminating portfolio review event was first introduced to the design curriculum in the early 2000s by Dr. Linda Felipez, now the chair of the department of technology. Prior to the addition of the portfolio class, students worked individually with design faculty to develop a professional portfolio and all the business materials—like a resume, cover letter, and business card—that would prepare them for the post-college job search. As the design program grew, it became evident that a greater focus should be given to this practical preparation for the workforce and that students should be receiving academic credit for the significant work involved in pulling a professional portfolio together. Today, the program continues to adapt based on the needs of students and industry trends and has evolved from focusing on a print portfolio to a digital one in the form of a portfolio website.  

Reflecting on what she hopes that students take away from their experience in the portfolio review class, Felipez said that “most importantly, I want students to feel proud and ready to enter the [job] market. I want them to feel good about interviewing, and showing their work, and presenting their business system in a professional way. They should also remember that it is a never-ending process. The portfolio is never really complete and it’s something to continue developing throughout their career.” [1] 

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The different designers are eager to show off their portfolios. Source unknown, for marketing use.

This quarter, the eight design students listed below will be participating in the annual portfolio review design show, titled “Designers of Tomorrow.” These students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of artistic interests. Some dream of designing shoes for Nike, others want to own their own design firms or work as freelancers, still others are focused on photography, biomimicry, or illustration.  

  • Belicia Jiao, graphic design 
  • Hannah Sorrel, graphic design 
  • Hunter Odenthal, graphic design 
  • Jacson Saturno, product design 
  • Jared Porras, graphic design 
  • Kade Bahm, graphic design 
  • Montarno Mandrie, product design 
  • Raj Razon, product design  

Stop by the portfolio review on Dec. 8 to see the work on display, meet these designers of tomorrow, and grab a donut today!  


  1. Interview with Dr. Linda Felipez. 
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