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Get to Know Rosario

Get to Know Rosario

A List of Ten Fun Facts about Rosario Beach  

By Summer Boulais 

Rosario Beach has a lot of unique features outside of having a marine laboratory for students to learn about marine sciences. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about the area before: 

  1. Rosario includes twenty-seven cabins to stay in and four of them are right on the beach.  
  1. The Straits of Juan de Fuca, Olympic Mountains, Vancouver Island, and San Juan Islands are visible from the cabins.  
  1. There is ferry transportation available for trips to Friday Harbor, Port Townsend, and Victoria B.C.  
  1. Rosario beach is almost halfway between Seattle WA and Vancouver B.C.  
  1. Worship opportunities often take place by the campfire on the beach or in the chapel.  
This is a picture of students canoeing together last summer. Photo by Eden Kim.
  1. In the past summers, students and faculties have played very competitive games of capture the flag.  
  1. Some of the classes include fieldtrips of up to three days to places like Forks, and there are optional day trips on Saturdays such as visiting Mount St. Helens.  
  1. It is common for there to be a 4th of July celebration over the summer that includes games and a volleyball championship.  
  1. There have been sightings of Orcas, one of the largest predators on earth, visible from Rosario Beach.  
  1. WWU has created an Instagram account to document memories each summer and introduce faculty- @rosariobeachmarinelab.  

These are some of the exciting opportunities Rosario Beach has to offer students that take courses over the summer. Going on trips, competing in games, and seeing sea life are examples of the memories that can be made there.  


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