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High End Cooking with Low End Ingredients

High End Cooking with Low End Ingredients

Tasty Dorm Meals 

By Caleb Trautwein 

This is a story about a weird recipe I learned about a while back. The recipe can be made entirely using dorm legal equipment and has an interesting use of peanut butter that neither I nor most people have ever thought of. 

Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon is a burger served at Killer Burger, a chain of burger joints in Portland, Oregon. Aside from the normal ingredients you find in burgers such as a patty, cheese, pickles, and onions, it also contains peanut butter which many people probably never thought of putting on their burger. In fact, at Killer Burger, you can put peanut butter on any burger you want.  

Oddball food ideas must come from somewhere. This recipe was supplied by Gabe Rouse who is a third-year business student. Peanut butter on a burger may be something most people reading this article have neither heard of nor thought of. It is even able to be fully made using equipment allowed in the dorms as it only needs a microwave, butter knife, a fork, and a plate. 

The recipe is simple. It starts with a piece of white bread with peanut butter spread on top of it. Gabe said that the peanut butter could be any brand as long as it is creamy, but traditionally it is made with Jif. Then you add hot Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, spreading it onto the bread. To eat it, take a bite with the spread open-faced. [1] 

Gabe says that the recipe originated from his father. Gabe called his father to ask about the recipe’s origin, to which his father said, “One day I put beefaroni on bread with peanut butter.”  Peanut butter, white bread, and Chef Boyardee: Beefaroni—these three items may not seem like they have anything in common upon first glance, but they come together to form a gestalt of flavor. [2] 

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Surprisingly it does not taste as bad as it sounds. The flavors mesh well. When talking about the recipe, Gabe said, “Pretty much what it comes down to is would you rather eat plain beefaroni by itself or beefaroni with bread? And would you rather eat just normal bread or bread with peanut butter on it?” Gabe said that he has only had it around six or seven times throughout his life and, “Now that I’m here, nostalgia is flooding back to me.” Even though it tastes better than one might originally think it is not the best. Gabe will be the first one to rate it a solid “6/10.” [3] 

A peanut butter Beefaroni sandwich may not be for you. Maybe next time you are at the grocery store picking up ramen and sandwich material, think about what weird but delicious flavor combos can be made to add some spice and flavor to your dorm life. 


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