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Internships and Interviews

Internships and Interviews

A Recap of the Internship Business Colloquium 

By Ben Wexler 

On October 7th, eight Walla Walla University business interns were highlighted at the business department’s bi-monthly colloquium that takes place in the Chan Shun Pavilion.   

The student interns spent their summer working at companies such as Western Alliance Bank, the Express, Amazon, and Ernst & Young.   

The panel was moderated by Bruce Toews, dean of the school of business. During the panel, the student interns passed the mic around as they talked about their experiences and answered technical questions.  

From interviewing tips and job perks to salaries and accommodations, the students offered underclassmen a taste of what the field of business looks like and a view of what many sophomores and juniors might experience in their internships not far away.  

“I had learned more during my one-quarter internship than I did at my four years of school,” said Emmett Semple, a 2021 WWU alumni with a degree in marketing. Semple reflected, “It made me realize how important internships are and gaining real hands-on experience within a company.” [1]  

Hannah Stonas, senior management major, worked for Amazon and described how the company accommodated her with a complimentary car and a living space while stationed at Amazon’s location in Maryland. Another intern, Michael Kukich, a junior finance and accounting major, described how he worked at a hiring event where he prospected potential new hires for positions at Alliance Bank.   

Completing the interviewing process was a recurring topic of the panel. From sending in recorded videos to Zoom interviews to in-person panel-like interviews, each student described how they succeeded in earning a spot as an intern.    

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1. Interview with Emmett Semple.  


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