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Murder at the Kirkman House

Murder at the Kirkman House

The Walla Walla Mystery Game 

By Peter Savard 

A relaxing fall weekend is upon us, everyone is figuring out what to do for the evening. The room is stone-cold quiet, leaving the group speechless, as the clock is ticking back and forth. Your phone goes off, which reveals a message. The message says “Murder at the Kirkman House,” bring five to eight of your closest friends. Are you ready to play? Hurry, the murder has already happened! 

The Murder at the Kirkman House is a real-life murder mystery game in Walla Walla, Washington that is inspired by the game Clue. It is your group’s goal to figure out who murdered one of the citizens of Walla Walla. In this intense murder mystery game, you must correctly name the suspect of the murder, their weapon, and the location where it happened. You and your friends must search to find these answers throughout the house with only a little source of light. If that sounds fun or scary to you, wait until you actually experience it in real-time! 

The game is a fun and interactive experience that you and your friends can take part in during a quiet weekend. Austin Garner, a senior computer science major, said, “I have heard the name of the house and don’t know what it is, but I do like murder mystery games.” [1] Garner is not the only person who is missing out on this fun fulfilling event. Fellow student Grace Dale, a senior psychology major, also talks about not knowing too much about the event. Dale said, “I’ve never been to one, but I love the psychology aspect of murder mysteries games and such.” [2] 

This activity is very team oriented, and has obstacles that come throughout the length of the game. “There are always obstacles, but they can always be overcome,” said Garner. [3] These obstacles are a way that you and your friends can tackle together to find the murder that has happened. Dale said, “It would be a good way to play off of my friend’s strengths with one another.” [4] This was an example she shared of how to get over the hurdles that might come within the short 30 minutes that you have.  

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It is up to you whether you have the guts to fit into your character and overcome the complications. Dale suggested, “It would be a lot of fun, a way to connect with friends, and to test my abilities to test mysteries.” [5] This occasion is a must-have experience that everyone will truly enjoy together. If you and your friends want to test your abilities to solve this mystery, head over to the Kirkman House to experience it all! 


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