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Student Profile of Hannah Gordon

Student Profile of Hannah Gordon

By Claira Eastwood 

Hannah Gordon, junior double major in music and education, has always been interested in music, but she was not always interested in attending Walla Walla University.  

Searching for her perfect college was a stressful experience, and even though she had always loved music, Gordon initially decided to major in social work and add a minor in music instead of majoring in it. But then, at the last minute, she took off for a Bible College in both Murrieta, California and Jerusalem, Israel for a year. While at the Bible College, Gordon’s love of music was reignited. “When I came back from my year off, I knew I needed to go to Walla Walla University for a music major!” she said, adding that she is glad to have made the switch. [1] 

Now her days consist of music and education classes, choir performances, and working as Dr. Craig Scott’s teacher’s assistant. She was also part of “A Year With Frog and Toad,” the fall quarter musical.  

But Gordon’s real joy in the department comes from the people. “I adore the teachers and my fellow students and the beautiful music we all make together,” she said. “Music really brings people together in so many ways and inspires the soul. It is a great joy to be able to learn more about music with so many amazing people who are cheering me on.” Everyone should find that community that inspires them, and it seems Hannah Gordon has found that in the Walla Walla University music department. [2] 

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