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The Wolves vs. the Mountaineers

The Wolves vs. the Mountaineers

By Owen Hoffman 

Walla Walla University repaid Eastern Oregon University. 

As the clock wound down in the second period, the gym reverberated with the noise of celebration. 

That celebration was the result of hours of practice and hard work by the Walla Walla University Wolves, who defeated Eastern Oregon University Mountaineers in a stunning rematch last Friday.  

Their first game was played Dec. 18, 2021, where the Wolves lost in a disappointing first road trip 70-88. The Wolves led briefly in the first half before becoming overwhelmed in the second.  

This week the Wolves had a chance of redemption against their conference rivals as they played the Mountaineers again. While in the beginning the teams seemed evenly matched, by the end of the first half the Wolves established a solid 42-29 lead. In the second half, the Wolves kept control of the game, shooting a respectable 57% from the field.  

Whenever the Mountaineers clawed back, the Wolves’ offense efficiently kept them at bay with a barrage of baskets. Defensively, the Wolves shined as well. Their defense was able to keep the Mountaineers to just 37% accuracy and were able to force 11 turnovers, four steals, and two blocks.  

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This was the Wolves’ first win against Eastern Oregon and third win of the season, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell by how comfortable and confident the team looked. At times leading by over 20, this game was a much-needed statement from the Wolves. The crowd seemed invigorated as they were reminded that the Wolves are here to play, and they are here to win. 


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