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Walla Walla University Ski Trip

Walla Walla University Ski Trip

The Great, Snowy Outdoors 

By Owen Hoffman 

Quinton Price, outdoor educator and member of the ASWWU outdoor department, looked forward to skiing with friends and spreading joy to other students during the ASWWU ski trip. 

Early Sunday morning on Feb. 13, Price left Walla Walla University in his 2003 Subaru Outback heading towards Bluewood Resort. Price needed to be there by 8:30 a.m. when ASWWU would begin to hand out lift tickets to students participating in the annual ski trip.   

“It’s a good time, that morning the snow was great on the groomers,” Price said. Icy snow made tree runs difficult, but Bluewood is prepared for spring conditions with multiple groomed trails and a well-maintained park.  [1] 

ASWWU provided lift tickets, basic snow gear available to rent, and snacks. Their gear is always available, not just during ASWWU events. Their snow gear costs from $1-$8 and can be browsed at [2] 

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Students signed up for the trip at, where they were required to reserve a spot, pay a $15 fee, and sign a release waiver. Full-day weekend lift tickets are usually $60. The group size was 15, and those slots filled up within the first two days of posting. [3] 

For students who wish to participate in future ski trips, Price suggested following ASWWU Outdoors on Instagram for immediate updates on upcoming events where students can reserve positions on trips and pay fees. [4] 


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