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Become A Social Media Sensation

Become A Social Media Sensation

How to Build Your Following One Kitten at a Time 

By Sienna Day 

Step one 

First, figure out what social media platform is right for you. If you are the kind of person who likes to take pictures of their lunch, a random selfie of you and your dog, or pictures of mountains, then either Instagram or Snapchat is right for you. Facebook is the place for detailed posts about everything you do every day of your life. YouTube is great for videos of baby sharks singing, vlogs, ridiculous pranks, and Minecraft. 

A marvelous example of fruity photography. Photo by Elena Cordery.

Step two 

Next, figure out what will make you unique on social media. Quotes, epic fails, and kittens have all been used (though not overused) for years, so I recommend coming up with something else. Maybe you are good at fruit photography or have a knack for paddleboard yoga. Whatever the case, choose something one-of-a-kind that will make people know that the post is coming from you and no one else. 

Step three 

Coming up with a title may not be necessary for the social media platform you are using, but if it is, then it is one of the most important parts. The title is what stands out, and if you have a title like, “I did something today…” then chances are, no one will want to look at it. On the flip side, if you name your blog post or video something that doesn’t give what it promises, that would be bad as well. For example, if the title is, “Proof that Animals Can Talk!!!” and it is a video of you—an animal—talking, that’s not going to cut it.  

Selfie time a.k.a. struggling to hit the little circle with your ungainly thumb. Photo by Anna Shvets.

Step four 

Using the right hashtag is essential to bring people to your posts. It is a good idea to have very broad hashtags (i.e. #post, #hashtag, #love, #lol), but also to have some much more specific hashtags (i.e. #pizzaisgood, #calicocatwithblueeyes, #purplemountainrangeinoctober, #velociraptordinosaur). Don’t forget that you can never, ever, have too many hashtags (unless there is a specified limit, then you may have to take up hacking to fit more hashtags). 

Step five 

Your audience will want to feel loved and like you really care about them (though actually caring is up to you). For this reason, it is essential for you to engage with your audience. If they comment on one of your posts, comment back. If they ask for a follow, follow them with every single one of your accounts. If they ask for your social security and credit card number though, I don’t recommend giving that up. 

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Go big or go #home with your hashtags. Photo by Jan Baborák.

Step six 

Hold a contest! People love giveaways and would be happy to follow you for a free iPad or Tesla. This has been done by many social media stars, and therefore it will work for you, guaranteed! Coming up with the prize is up to you though, and might prove to be slightly spendy (but it’s worth it for the extra follows, right? Right?). 

Step seven 

Make sure to set ambitious goals. Tell yourself that you will upload a new post every single day for all 365 days of the year. Maybe set a goal that you will get 100,000 followers as a New Year’s resolution. You could even just challenge yourself to become famous by next month since that is your end goal anyway. 

Step eight 

Celebrate your rise to popularity on the internet now that you have completed all of these steps (and are undoubtedly famous). 

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