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Creative Ways to Charge Your Computer (When You Forget a Charger)

Creative Ways to Charge Your Computer (When You Forget a Charger)

Everyone Encounters This Problem at One Time or Another, So Here is a List of Charging Options for When You Need to Get Creative 

By Sienna Day 

A compiled list of creative ways to charge your laptop! Who doesn’t like trying new things and charging your computer at the same time? 

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An unoriginal way to charge your computer. Photo by Andrew Neel. 
  1. Lemons. They have electricity, and that’s really all you need to know. 
  1. Get some batteries. File one down until it fits where your charger normally would. Voilà (this is not a recommended option, however). 
  1. For this one, first check if someone on your hall happens to both own the same computer as you and leave their door open frequently. If so, then you have a huge opportunity. It’s not stealing because you would be getting your electricity from the same place. It’s not breaking and entering because their door’s already open. Be aware that you may have to answer some awkward questions if you attempt this charging method. 
  1. If you own a bicycle, use some wires (any wires will do) and hook your computer up to it. In theory, the more you pedal, the more your laptop will be charged. This will not only give you exercise, but the incentive to learn about wires (yay!). 
You know this feeling. Avoid this feeling by not losing your charger. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio. 
  1. Go to Walmart and buy a hamster (don’t waste money on the charger, it will show up eventually). Sneak said hamster up to your room along with the exercise wheel you bought for it. If you do everything right, the little guy should be able to run on his wheel and give your computer a huge battery boost. 
  1. This one may take a couple of days (or weeks or months), but if you wait long enough for a thunderstorm, then you have scored big. Go find a safe spot on a tall building and hold out your computer as if looking for a Wi-Fi signal. If done right, the shock from the lightning should make it so that you never have to charge your laptop again! 
  1. Hang your computer from the power lines (but don’t touch the lines yourself; they won’t give you energy). 
  1. Use your brain, and I don’t mean using it to look up ways to charge your computer. Put your index fingers to your temples and send brain waves into your laptop. Make sure to think happy, motivational thoughts since those always work best. 
  1. Shuffle around on a carpet with socks fresh out of the dryer until you feel zappy. Now touch the screen. If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat until it does. You might even want to try the hallway carpets in the dorms if you live there. I’m sure your dorm mates will understand. 
  1. If you can find an ocean nearby (though they are quite elusive in these parts), then you have another unique source of electricity. Swim around until you find a stingray or an electric eel or something else friendly and ask them nicely to charge your computer. Don’t worry about putting your computer in the water. I’m sure it’ll be fine. 
Oh look, it’s those things you forgot! Photo by Kira Schwarz. 
  1. Get one of those moving, solar-powered things that go on your windowsill and place it on top of your laptop. Make sure the little guy has access to the sun or it definitely won’t work. 
  1. Compliment your computer profusely. Tell it how much you love doing homework with it and how fast it is. Don’t forget to mention how stellar its backdrop is and how amazing you think the software updates are. Finally, remind it of all the memories the two of you have, binge-watching Netflix and chilling together. 
  1. Try using your phone charger. They do basically the same thing, but I bet you never thought to use them for the opposite device they’re meant for. I wonder why…. 
  1. Alright, full disclosure, I’m not entirely certain of how a wind turbine works, but it obviously generates an insane amount of power. For this reason, I suggest taping your computer to the end of one of the blades (with duct tape, not normal tape; duct tape is the only worthy tape). The cold air that your laptop feels while being whipped through the sky should be enough to wake it up. 
  1. My last advice is coffee. We all know how awake this morning drink makes us (by us I mean most of you reading this; hot chocolate is clearly the better choice). Attach a straw and funnel to the place you would normally insert your charger into. Pour in the stimulant drug—I mean coffee, and watch as it brings your computer back to life! 

Those are all the fabulous tips I can think of, so I hope they help! 

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