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Dorm Distractions

Dorm Distractions

Breaking Up the Dorm Isolation

By Sienna Day

Another list of suggestions by yours truly. What’s different, you ask? This one has pigeons and paint. 

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This quarter is strange. Like, really strange. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to change what’s going on in the world, but even stuck in your dorm rooms you should be able to enjoy yourselves. Here are a few fun ideas to keep you going strong in the dorm you stay in so long (rhyme intended). 

  • If you are able to go to the store, then I suggest buying friends of the plant variety. Cacti thrive particularly well in desolate, poorly-lit, stress-filled rooms, so they might be right for you. They are also fantastic listeners if I do say so myself. 
From left to right: Harold, Hailey, Henley, Harvey, and Karl. Photo by topcools tee.
  • Watching paint dry or watching dry paint is obviously the go-to when looking for something to do. This way of passing time has survived for centuries, maybe even since paint was first invented. Be a caveman. 
I bet looking at this picture of paint drying is almost as exciting as the real thing. Photo by Ashley Edwards.
  • Invest in some walkie-talkies and convince other people on your floor to do the same. Because come on, we all know that using walkie-talkies to communicate is way cooler than using phones. You would even get to say phrases like “copy” or “roger that.” 
  • Start a diary where you document everything you do, and I mean everything. This project is never-ending, never the same, and never gets old (only you do). Just maybe don’t let others read it (unless you consider yourself an open book). 
  • Count to one million. It would take you around two weeks to complete the task, which means that you will never not have something to do. You can even sing it as a duet with your roommate. And once you get to a million? Why not try for a billion; be the first, be a legend. 
  • If you have a roommate—which you probably do—don’t be afraid to revert to the games of your younger selves, like Patty Cake or Lemonade Crunchy Ice. If these games were not a part of your childhood, no worries, YouTube can be very helpful. If you don’t have a roommate, use a wall. 
  • Don’t forget to take up birdwatching. It is a very dynamic hobby that is not for the faint of heart. I have seen many a student have their eye taken out by a pigeon. 
Watch your back; the pigeons are coming. Photo by Sneha Cecil.
  • Trying lucid dreaming is a must for any college student. Lucid dreaming is basically the ability to know that you are awake within a dream, and therefore control your dream (at least once you get good at it). For some this is natural, but for most it takes a struggle and a half to master this extraordinary skill. Learning it may involve waking up at odd hours of the night and/or making reality checks (do I normally have 14 fingers?) throughout the day. 
  • While you are drifting off into your dream, wouldn’t you like to have something nice to look at before your eyes close? I propose a 100% realistic galaxy above your head. What makes this idea so great is that it would take a tremendous amount of time to get each constellation right. In fact, there are a couple thousand stars visible to our eyes, not including the ones we need a telescope for, so feel free to go star crazy all over your ceiling. 
Your humble prison — ‘scuse me —  PALACE (it’s up to you). Photo by Jonathan Borba.
  • Participate in a rock paper scissors tournament if you share a bunk bed and don’t want to have a bed in the way of your view. 
  • Have you ever heard of Cards Against Humanity? Because if you have, then you should totally spend hours coming up with your own Christian-PG-two-person-quarantinesque version of the game. You can make up your own cards and even your own rules since this is traditionally for more than two players (not that I would know, of course *cough cough*). 
  • Do your homework. This is probably one of the least popular ways to spend time in quarantine, but I do suggest doing it at least once in the quarter. Maybe twice if you’re feeling extra. 
  • In contrast to the suggestion above, do not forget the ultimate hobby of procrastination. If you are doing that while reading this then congratulations: you’re multitasking! 
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