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From The College Grind to Summer Spare Time

From The College Grind to Summer Spare Time

How To Settle Into Summer 

By Sienna Day 

After studying for finals and passing them all with flying colors, your brain is going to be fried. Brain-frying is a common part of the school-to-summer transition and must happen for you to get into that summer mindset. Think about it this way: both eggs and potatoes are more enjoyable fried, so it stands to reason that your summer will be more enjoyable after your mind is good and crispy. Even so, you need to know how to relax after spring quarter finals, and this article can help with that. 

During the summer you will be able to return to your beloved pets. Awwww, look at them cuddling! Photo by Krista Mangulsone. 

The first—and hardest—thing to remember is that once finals are over and summer hits, you will have no more homework. Nada, zip, zilch. It may seem almost unfathomable to be homework-less, but trust me, this is how the summer will be. No more essay deadlines that you barely make. Say goodbye to those pesky quizzes. Not even the stress of exams will be there to cloud that bright summer sun! 

During the long flight or drive home, use that time to start preparing yourself mentally for your return. Spend those hours coming up with the grand stories you will regale your family members and friends with that may or may not be completely true, like the time you single-handedly discovered a new subatomic particle in the first week of physics lab. This is the time to put your storytelling skills to the test. 

If you live in a place with sun (everyone does), then go enjoy it! I recommend this starfish pose for maximum sun absorption. Photo by Julian Jagtenberg. 

If home is your first destination after school, I know exactly who you’re going to see: the ones who will greet you with showers of love, shouts of happiness, and want nothing more than to spend time with you. Obviously I’m talking about your beloved pets! The moment you enter through that front door, your family can wait. You didn’t spend all those hours driving or flying home to see them, you came for your overexcited dogs and meowing cats.  

After spending a few hours (or days) relaxing with your wonderful furry friends, it might be time to face your family. They will probably  give you way too many hugs and ask way too many questions, but try to stay calm—it’s just their way of expressing affection. Be polite and keep up that smile even when your sibling tells you that they liked the peace and quiet of the house when you were gone or your parents ask if you made any friends. It’s just your family, after all, and you can always go back to your pets after a few hours of chit chat. 

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Driving is the best time to come up with fantastic and mostly-true stories for everyone back at home. Like how you definitely did not get pulled over two blocks away from your house for speeding… Photo by Josh Hild. 

Now, to help with the transition of being surrounded by family again, I suggest learning meditation and/or breathing techniques. These will help clear your mind and distract you from the melodious sound of your siblings yelling across the house. You could always do this outside as well if it’s a sunny day or you like the rain on your face. 

Hiking is another great way to relieve stress if you enjoy watching out for dangerous predators and battling mosquitoes. You could can camp in areas with no people in sight, that way you don’t have to peer at weird, two-legged creatures that talk too much and watch too much Netflix. Nature is the natural habitat of humans, so keep that in mind as you have to eat worms and sleep in trees after getting lost in the forest. 

Once search-and-rescue finds you and you are returned home—not only will you get a welcome home party but also a good-job-for-not-dying party—then you will probably start missing college. You might look back on the good old days of 72 hours ago when you were back in college doing college student things. But don’t forget that college will still be there after you leave so don’t worry, kickback, relax, and enjoy your summer. You’ve earned it! 

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