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When Is It Okay To Hang Up On Someone?

When Is It Okay To Hang Up On Someone?

Some More Helpful Tips From My Own Expertise 

By Sienna Day 

You don’t always have to feel bad for ending a call or wanting to end a call but being afraid of coming off rude. Here are a few times for when it’s OK, because no one wants to hang up on someone without the right reasons, you know? 

Someone’s finger hovering over the “big red button”. Photo by Jeshoots. 
  • Dramatic effect: You all know of the “mic drop” thing people do for added effect, right? Well, hanging up is a phone-friendly way to achieve the same idea. Just realize that you will probably have to call them back right after, so this is only a temporary allowance for hanging up on someone. 
  • Scams: People encounter scams all the time and for this one, it is actually not you who needs to end the call. If you answer the phone and don’t say a word, the robot or human on the other side will end it themselves. It is genius, if I do say so myself, and I have used this tactic dozens of times without fail. 
  • They texted you to call them: Now there are times where this is acceptable, but like, who texts someone to call them when they could just call them in the first place? Imagine calling someone just to tell them to text you. 
  • Your favorite show is calling: If there is a particular show that you’re currently watching and you’re in the mood to watch it, this is a perfectly fine reason to hang up. They probably have the same addiction for binge-watching shows, so they will understand. 
  • You just feel like it: If you don’t feel like talking to someone on the phone anymore, you can just hang up without any warning.  
A random person more than ready to hang up. Photo by Breakingpic. 
  • Squirrel: If you have seen the movie “Up,” then you know what I’m referring to. And no, I don’t mean distractions in general, but literal squirrels. If you see one, you won’t be able to focus since they are just so mesmerizing to watch that you might as well hang up. It will save you the trouble of explaining your squirrel-watching obsession. 
  • It’s your sibling: They are related to you so they legally can’t hate you for hanging up on them. Any lawyers or siblings can tell you that. So if you no longer want to talk to that sibling of yours, feel free to hang up anytime. 
  • When you have that “assignment” due: This one can actually pair with several of the other reasons such as having a show to watch, or just feeling like it, or having Minecraft to play (that last one might just be one of my reasons). 
  • Butt dial: For obvious reasons, you can 100% end this phone call whenever you want. In fact, I suggest never calling someone in this way because it can be kind of awkward and whatnot. 
  • You have “places to be:” Your room counts as “places!” There’s your sink, your bed, your desk, and the place where you are about to hang up on them. Just because you have a place to be doesn’t mean you have to leave your room to be there (though it can be and you probably should go outside). 
  • You don’t like them: This reason is self-explanatory, though if you don’t like them, why are you on the phone with them in the first place? 
  • Big red button: Sometimes it can be hard not to press that very tempting red button. Everyone knows that pressing it has more to do with it being a big red button on the screen than the fact that it ends the call. The fact that it ends the call is just an unfortunate side effect, but all of us would give in and press the button eventually. 
  • The call has lasted 24+ hours: Any length before the 24 hour mark would make this reason invalid, so make sure to go the full day first. Once you pass that mark, however, you can say goodbye to your buddy and say hello to sleep. You need it. 
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